Cactus Creek Dual Adapter/Converter Kit

Cactus Creek

Cactus Creek Dual Adapter/Converter Kit

Keep your gadgets going across the globe with this compact kit that both converts voltage and adapts to different wall plugs.

NOTE: Not recommended for use with hair dryers, flat irons and anything with a heating element.

  • Weight: 465g
  • Converts 220-volt to 110-volt so you can use North American 110-volt products in other places.
  • Low setting 0-50 watts. High setting 50-1500 watts.
  • Built-in breaker shuts off adapter if overloaded.
  • Includes Travel Pouch.
  • Includes the four most commonly used adapter plugs: 3 pins (Africa, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ireland and parts of Great Britain), 2 round pins (Europe and Asia, Middle East, Caribbean and parts of Africa), 2 flat angled blades (Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and China) 2 flat parallel blades (North and South America, Caribbean, Taiwan, Philippines, and Japan).

For more information on electrical adapters, wall sockets and which adapter plug is appropriate for different countries of the world, please visit this informational Electrical Outlet Info page.

For purchase information: Visit this MEC product info page.

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