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Betsy MacLeod

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The first 200 customers that place an order over $50.00 in the month of March will receive a gift bag with a variety of useful products inside.  Yep, its almost springtime and we are ready to clean up and clean out!!  Visit our Facebook page to see other pictures of what you could get....for free!!

SubRosa Scarves with RFID Blocking Technology

Lauren Dean

SubRosa Scarves – There’s nothing else quite like them! Unique infinity scarves with ever changing fabrics, colours and patterns.  Also available with hidden pockets. No one suspects the scarf! They can have two regular pockets or one regular pocket + one RFID* shielded pocket. The pockets are a different colour than the scarf (for visibility while opened) and use a discreet zipper for safely securing items within. Use the pockets to replace your purse and to keep documents and cash safe while walking or traveling! 228cm (90") around. They are made from a silky, lightweight, luxurious poly-mix that is breathable,...